In as much as cheating is not a good thing and shouldn’t be encouraged, people would still cheat. Now, it is one thing to cheat on your partner, it is another thing to cheat on your partner and get caught.

Truth is, you can’t be a cheat and careless or unwise at the same time. It makes you a total mess. Now, here is not to cheat and not get caught.




Wait, who cheats and still keeps photo or chat evidence with whoever he/she is cheating with. Isn’t it silly? If you must cheat, it is only wise that you do not keep anything incriminating on your phone. Always delete conversations and picture evidence.

In addition, your cheating partner must know when not to text or call. E no go make sense if your side chick or bobo texts when the phone is with your partner o.

Class 101 of cheating is that you shouldn’t save his/her number with something cute. So, your partner isn’t really suspicious when the person calls or texts. Also, make sure you aren’t using any form of smiley to save the person’s name.

The mistake a lot of cheats make is that once they start cheating, they automatically change towards their spouse. That doesn’t make sense at all. Make sure you are so sleek that your partner has absolutely no clue.

Finally, why put yourself in all of this stress when you might as well not cheat at all. Nothing is as peaceful as staying faithful to your partner. Choose that peace.