Are you demisexual?

What exactly is a demisexual, you might be asking? Well, that is exactly the question that this article seeks to answer. In a nutshell, demisexuality is essentially a cross between sexuality and asexuality. And while that may be enough to give you a general idea of what demisexuality is, it doesn’t necessarily give you the whole picture.




Many experts would describe demisexuality as a state of sexuality that is manifested through a person’s reluctance to become sexually attracted to someone without first establishing a strong emotional connection.

Do you feel like you’re a demisexual person? Are you unsure? If a number of the characteristics on this list pertain to you, then you’re likely demisexual.

1. You can’t enter into a relationship with someone without first having an established friendship.

It is more crucial to establish a relationship with people before you consider being romantically involved with them. This is true for you since you consider it vital to feel a strong emotional connection to a person before you are able to get romantically engaged.

2. The idea of sex doesn’t always mean that it will turn you on.
Sex isn’t necessarily going to be a magnet for you.

If you’re a demisexual, you view sex as an expression of something more significant and valuable. You place greater value and importance on emotional bonds than on physical relationships.

3. You are more enticed by the idea of just sleeping together than making love.

Your dream of sleeping with someone is more attractive when there’s more sleep involved than any other. You’d love to build an emotional bond with someone by cuddling them and slowly establishing intimacy.

4. You’re totally disgusted at the thought of one-night-stand relationships.

You aren’t a fan of one-night-stand relationships and do not understand how someone is able to derive pleasure from this kind of relationship. It’s practically impossible to get any satisfaction from just a single night of physical intimacy without first creating an emotional bond with the person.

5. You are more driven by love than motivated by lust.

Although most people are attracted by people with aesthetic appeal, you’re not the same. Instead, you’re more driven by your capacity to be loved and to be loved when it comes to relationships.

6. It is difficult for you to get your friends to understand you sometimes.

It is difficult to get along with your friends when it comes to sex and relationships. This is due to the fact that you have a unique and uncommon approach to relationships, and this is why you frequently are on an island.

7. You are able to live without sexual contact in the course of a relationship.

There are a lot of contemporary couples who can’t remain in their relationships without having a constant, exciting, and active sex lifestyle. However, if you’re a demisexual, you can be bothered about how often the two of you be in a relationship.

8. You’re more impressed by someone’s personality than their appearance.

The most appealing thing you can possibly see in others is their character. Their looks will always be placed in their character.

9. It’s not an everyday thing to be in love with somebody.

When you’re certain you’ll have an unwavering love for one person, it’s not a small issue whatsoever. It’s a big amount for someone to win your love interest, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t ever be able to take your private feelings and feelings as a given. You never underestimate your feelings.

10. You’re not one of those not averse to commitment.

It is a fact that you recognize is a part of any relationship that is strong. It’s not something you avoid and, in fact, you view it as a privilege to find and connect with someone you’d eventually like to be able to commit to.

11. You experience a natural high through good conversations.

You’re more enthralled after a long, sultry night of a fluid conversation with just one person than when you spend a long time at home with somebody. Communication is crucial to you due to the fact that you realize that it is essential to build solid emotional bonds.

12. You’re not really a fan of flirting games.

You shouldn’t be flinging with anyone, because this isn’t how you handle relationships. It is only possible to meet people because of friendships that form. You’re not the kind of person who goes seeking out potential partners at the bar.

13. You don’t really care about adult-oriented films.

Adult films don’t do much for you since you realize that it’s totally without any emotional significance. It is difficult to become enthralled by watching two couples engage in sexual relationships even with no emotional connections or bonds.

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