9 Perfect Hairstyles For Nigerian Children

Talk about fashion styles in Nigeria, and you’ll agree with me that children’s hairstyles can’t be left out because they will still look unkempt if you neglect the hair. so check these out.

1. Shuku Styles

 Shuku Styles

it’s originated by The yorubians, for children, cornrows for some are straight while others are of a slant formation.




2. All Back Baby Style

This is the simplest Nigerian children hairstyle as all the hair is weaved from the front to the back.

3. Two Steps

Two Steps Two Steps

All that needs to be done here is for the whole hair to be divided into two in the middle with each section weaved as all back or as shuku.

4. Rice and Beans

Rice and Beans

Rice and beans is like weaving two set of hairs on the same head, each sides of the head is weaved to the central.

5. Calabar

Calabar hairstyle


This style could be done with natural hair, yarn or thread.

6. Two Patewos

This involves weaving two patewos side by side.

7. Police Cap Hair Style

police hairstyle

police hairstyle

This children’s hairstyle is weaved in such a way that it resembles the Nigerian police cap or better still a beret.

8. Abeti Aja (dog ears) or Pony Tail

Abeti Aja (dog ears) or Pony Tail hairstyle

Abeti Aja (dog ears) or Pony Tail

this is weaved by parking the hairs to look like ears on each sides of the head.

9. Koroba Hairstyle(Basket)

Koroba Hairstyle(Basket)

here,the hair is weaved downwards from the middle, giving the shape of a basket turned downwards.