Narcissists are utterly uncaring for someone else’s feelings. They do not hesitate to make fun of someone’s height, skin colour, or fragile self-esteem. They believe that if they make others feel like they’re not sufficient, they’ll somehow increase their standing in the world. But what this behaviour causes is that they are isolated and when they cause harm to others, it will have long-lasting consequences to your daily life.

Narcissists are aware of this, but it will become part of your selfishness when you don’t try to get away from your desire. Narcissists are taught to spit at the world, and that’s how he’s been taught. So he doesn’t think there aren’t people who’ve been afflicted with severe pain that is unbearable because he’s always enjoyed his life.

We’re talking about pure self-centered narcissists here, not the kind who dress up in masks to hide the good in them, as they don’t want anyone to get attracted to them. They’re a different breed.

Here are some indications of an absolute Narcissist.

1. Masters of Manipulation

Narcissists are highly egoistic people. In relationships, if they get into a fight, even if you’ve got a lot of proof against them, they’ll find a way to get to make themselves appear weak. They can employ the words that suggest you’re judging and not perfect to blame you. They are not accepted.

If they ever stabbing you, they’ll tell you”You forced me to take this action.” So what’s the matter with that? Okay, I’ve made you do this, so why should you not pull that dagger and poke your hollow skull with it.

2. It’s always about them.

There are times when you meet people who want to be continuously appreciated. They want to be reminded constantly of the kind of fairy princess she is and that she feels that the Taj Mahal can be her private possession. Sure, you can say some phrases in their praise to help you feel better. It’s okay; there’s no problem.

Even if you’ve climbed to the top of Mount Everest and they’re just watching television, eating their leftover Cheetos as a slouch, they’ll continue to tell anyone who visits home that they’ve played an essential role in your accomplishments. In addition, they’ll make use of your achievements to boost their status in the social world.

3. Jealousy is a constant in their veins.

They’re not able to compete with anyone else better than them. They have to be the most well-known people around the globe. It’s essential to their ego, or it could gradually end their fake social lives. They will plan to take over your authority.

4. Profiting from others

Many people live their entire lives hanging out with narcissistic persons because they’re too nice. They tend to surround themselves with negative people because they believe they’re trying to make them better and often because they’re too attached to certain people and can’t let them go. This can create lots of negative emotions in their lives since narcissistic individuals tend to exploit those close to them since it’s easy to accomplish this.

They’re entitled to do what they want and will not be apprehensive in letting you indulge with your unrequited love. They have the world on their platform. They are the ones to take, and nobody else is essential. They have the right to enjoy everything that is available to them, regardless of whether they don’t deserve it or not.

5. They are not up to their own expectations

It is their goal in life to be the epitomize of excellence. They want to be gods and have high expectations for people. There is no perfect person, and no one has discovered the fountain of youth. Everyone has flaws within us. However, narcissists are not aware of this idea. They constantly feel disappointed by people and cannot remain in a long-term relationship with anyone. They are striving to reach the highest standard of perfection. What is the chance that this will ever be done? It’s not going to work.

6. The sense of humour they have is depressing.

They aren’t opposed to jokes. They’re pessimistic, and it’s challenging to get a narcissist’s attention. They always look towards the negative side of things. Even if you make an obscene comment, the narcissist will not admit that you’ve succeeded in making them happy since they think it’s an accomplishment that makes them superior.

7. Physical appearance

Physical appearances are the only thing that matters to them. They cannot see past an individual’s coarse, thick exterior. They are very shallow in their personality. If you are a good person inside, and are helping others humanity, it will not be of any importance to them. They will view it as small and insignificant.

If you’re looking fabulous, they’ll feel satisfied because they will be able to tell the entire world that they’re the fairy goddess. It’s never about them; the focus is always on them. They can inform their loved ones and those they know they have an expensive and exclusive property.

Narcissists can be pretty messy in the head, and it is best to avoid them since they can cause you to be miserable.

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