Men develop crushes on women for the same reason that women develop crushes on men.

Here are seven qualities that women find attractive in men.




1. Appropriate attire (good appearance)

Ladies prefer men with a strong sense of style, so being properly dressed and appealing as a man is essential.

Girls admire males who dress in an ostentatious manner.

If you want to make a good impression on a woman, look like a man and smell great.

2. Great sense of humour

A good sense of humor is a girl’s delusion, and it attracts girls because guys with a great sense of humor are fun to be around and can make a woman laugh and put a grin on her face even when she is disillusioned.

3. Self-assurance

Ladies find self-assured men appealing, so you must be confident in your movements as a person. Women admire confident men because they have faith in themselves, believe in themselves, and have a better chance of achieving their goals.

4. Gentlemanly demeanour

Every woman’s desire is to find a man who respects her, because they believe that a man who appreciates a woman will show extreme affection.

Ladies admire well-behaved guys who behave appropriately and appreciate a man who understands how to treat both men and women with dignity.

5. A good job with a good salary

In today’s world, money appears to be everything. Without money, you may not be able to realize some of your dreams, and meeting the lady of your dreams will be difficult.

When it comes to seducing girls, the truth is that money is really important. Love is great, but when money enters the picture, the romance of the relationship or marriage is amplified

6. A man who is talented

Talented men are adored by women. If you’re good at singing, soccer, drumming, swimming, or other social activities, you’ll attract a lot more women.

As a result, if you have a fantastic skill, you are already one step closer to seducing any woman of your dreams.

7. A man who is focused on what he is doing is adored by women.

It is not enough to have aspirations and desires; you must also work hard to make them a reality. Ladies admire hardworking men.

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