Dating a perfectionist can be a challenging experience as they tend to apply the pressure for things to be 100% right to absolutely everything.

However, while there are some downsides to having this personality type, there are also plenty of rewards if you can find the patience and understanding necessary.




Here are some things to know before dating a perfectionist:

1. Flexibility isn’t their strength

Perfectionists like plans and they like to stick to them. It’s very challenging when plans change, so last-minute amendments are hard for them. They don’t tolerate them very well and tend to get stressed out. If you’re super late or decide at the last minute you want to go to another restaurant, they won’t like this. Do your best to keep things on schedule and not vary too much from what was planned. It’ll be better for everyone this way.

2. Positive reinforcement is helpful

These kind of people are their own worst critics. People who chase perfection constantly think that they aren’t good enough. A simple compliment goes a really long way in helping them feel good about themselves. This perks them up and reminds them that they are actually good enough. They’ll likely even return the kindness in the form of compliments for you too!

3. Be gentle when imperfections show

They’re human so their imperfections are going to show. The difference is that they’re going to feel really insecure and embarrassed about it. They’re going to beat themselves up more than what you could ever say to them. Because of this, it’s important to be super gentle with them when their stuff comes out to play. Do your best to be patient, tolerant, and loving.

4. They all want to make plans ahead of time

Perfectionists love planning. They’ll want to put together all of the details of your next date or have you put them together. It’ll stress them out to no end if you two don’t have a date planned and you’re just winging it. Definitely be sure to plot your next date, maybe even while you’re on your current one. This will just give them the most peace of mind.

5. How they’re doing doesn’t always match their outside

These sort of people are very good at masking how they’re really feeling. They want everyone to think they’re doing okay at all times. They don’t want to rock the boat or draw attention to themselves when it comes to emotional matters. As a result of this, you’ll have to pay extra close attention when you think they may be upset. There will be little signs if you look close enough.

6. They have super high standards

Pickiness isn’t uncommon for these kinds of folks. They often choose their partners very wisely, being super concerned with picking the right one. So, pat yourself on the back if they’re dating you. It means they think you’re the bee’s knees. I mean, they’re quick to judge perceived flaws and they won’t date someone who they think is full of them. Since they’re with you, they think you’re good.

7. They like to be in control

This may drive you crazy after a while. They may want to always pick out plans as well as take control over conversations about your relationship. They likely will want to be in the driver’s seat more often than not. Hopefully, your personality isn’t too controlling either, otherwise, you’re going to butt heads. Although they like being in control, they aren’t totally incapable of sharing the seat of power