3 Areas Of Sexual Compatibility You Should Consider Before Marriage

The level of compatibility that exists between married couples is usually one of the factors that cause some married couples to have fewer misunderstandings than others. Compatibility is just a state of “fitting in” that is free of tension and problems. When two married couples are compatible, there will be few misunderstandings in matters concerning their marriage, and even if there are, they will not be broken since they have what it takes to overcome them. There is lovemaking compatibility in addition to emotional, mental, and psychological compatibility. When married partners have little or no misunderstandings about intimacy, they are said to be lovemaking compatible.

If you want to have a regret-free lovemaking narrative in your future marriage, as a single lady or man, you should think about the following before going down the aisle with your partner:




1. The level of libido.

Libido is a term used to define a person’s level of desire and drive to make love. Low libido and high libido are the two types of libido. People with poor libido for lovemaking have little desire for closeness. Individuals with a high libido, on the other hand, have a strong urge to make out as often as feasible. They can’t be at ease when they haven’t had carnal knowledge of their companion for a long time, unlike the former. If you have a low libido, marry someone with low libido to avoid feeling overwhelmed when your partner needs you in your matrimonial bed. Similarly, if your libido is high, marry a guy or woman with a high libido so you don’t feel deprived anytime you have the want to make love.

2. Activities that promote love.

When it comes to lovemaking, if you’re compatible with someone, they’ll have the same closeness interest, and passion as you. In other words, they’ll enjoy what you like when you’re making love, and they’ll despise what you don’t like when you’re making out. It would be difficult for you to be on the same page when it comes to making love in your future marriage if you do not have the same mentality in this regard.

3. Intimacy sacrifices.

Apart from having the same level of libido and a similar inclination for lovemaking activities, you should also examine whether you and your partner share the same sacrificing mindset. When your spouse has the trait of making sacrifices (for example, not forcing you to make love to him/her when you are not in the mood), he/she will understand your sentiments and mood without upsetting you, even if he/she has the desire to make love and vice versa.

Through honest and fact-finding discussion, you can figure out where your partner fits into the aforementioned factors.