10 Diseases That Can Be Cured by Having Sex Everyday

Many people have heard the benefits the body gets in intimate relationships, but do you know that you can cure some ailments by making love often.

1. The heart

Keeping intimate often will help you in the good functioning of the heart. According to the experts, it shows that it reduces the chance of heart attack and other heart problems.




2. Headache

To calm the headache, this practice is very effective as it releases oxytocin and increases endorphin. Even these hormones help the body and mind to relax naturally.

3. Antidepressant

Improves self-esteem as it is a truly effective antidepressant.

4. Insomnia

When you’re in the state of relaxation to the maximum, tensions are released and sleep is Favored.

5. Urinary Incontinence

Also, having intimacy with normal helps to combat urinary incontinence as it strengthens the pelvic and prevents hated urine leakage.

6. Influenza

Believe it or not, it also works for the flu, so if You have flu, it’s better to make love, being a natural remedy. This is because antibody production is discharged during pleasure, and because of this it becomes a potent antiviral.

7. Muscle overload

If you want perfect relaxation, having intimacy is the solution since it is the best exercise to combat muscle and joint overload.

8. Shiny skin

It serves also as shiny skin, as it releases toxins that are reflected directly in the appearance of the skin

9. Prostate

It can also help You reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer. It becomes a barrier of protection against the appearance of possible tumours.

10. Breast cancer

It is a protective barrier against breast cancer, in the same way against the prostate. The stimulation of the breast causes the woman to release oxytocin, a hormone that protects the appearance of this kind of cancer.