Number one Reason Why Women Are Used For Money Ritual Instead of Men

Every woman is an altar, only altars give blood to stay alive!

During monthly flow; she bleeds 60 times a year…




When deflowered, blood leaves her!

During childbearing, blood leaves her!

You can’t come in contact with an altar and remain the same…..

During rituals;

Women private parts

Women undies

Is it only women that have destines?

No! The men do.

Women are eternal portals, it’s only through women that life comes to the earth realm…..

Buddha was born by a woman!

Mohamed was born by a woman!

Eckakan was born by a woman!

even Jesus couldn’t bypass the protocol!

Adam fell by the hands of a woman!

Samson lost focus on the laps of a woman!

Even Elijah ran at the word of a woman!

Young ladies, I want to open your eyes to what you carry!

Sin came to the world through a woman and God introduced Jesus through a woman!

Even the first person to carry the resurrection message of Christ was a woman _ Mary Magdalene

Women are spiritual climates controllers_ When Israel needed a king, Hannah prayed!

Be that God’s kind of woman who wakes in the morning and the devil says; oh no! She’s up again

Brothers don’t forget! Every woman is an altar…

Your life depends on the kind of alter you meet! Not every hole is a hole, some are graves! Zip up your trousers!

Sisters, rule your world cos it’s in your hands!