What Your Brain Needs To Function Effectively

Remember the controlling organ of the body is encapsulated in the head-that is the brain

This is the most vital organ of the body, but requires a constant supply of glucose the body can offer,

You own your body, and you own your brain but your brain functions in lieu of the body’s glucose level,

Determine what you take in for to increase your Brain functionality,

Vastness of the brain, glucose level and body function works together for wholeness

Eat good food for the body’s growth and functioning,

The brain absorbs the food taken, inform of glucose when the food has been digested,

The proportional effect of the amount of food taken is dependent on the amount of glucose the brain gets,

Feed your body with food, and your body feeds the brain with glucose,

The more your read, the more the glucose absorbed,

The more you eat the more the body functions,

However, good food and not junk supplies the brain with a quality amount of nutrients,

Eat food not being a glutton, but adequately, enhances your health

Remember too much of everything is bad,

As the body also needs rest, after work, so also your brain,

Take breaks while reading, rest after work,

All work and no rest damage your body and brain,

Rest periods are necessary and important,

Eat well, rest well, study well as you go through this test period!