Popular Nollywood actor, Prince Eke, has said he doesn’t understand why some people cheat on their partners with their exes.

The movie star and fitness enthusiast took to his Instastory to ponder on this phenomenon on Saturday morning, July 16.




He wrote,

“I really can’t wrap my head around some people cheating on their partners with their exes.”

Actor Prince Eke

His statement has sparked different reactions from netizens who tried to give a plausible explanation for why people cheat with their ex-partners.

Some asserted that Okafor’s law is in play in such situations.

Okafor’s law is a Nigerian term which means “once debe, always debe” i.e, if you have had sex with a woman once, there’s high chances of you having sex with her again whether she’s married or dating another person.

See some reactions below,

@wendy_adamma wrote, “Okafor’s law nah your mate ?”

@eni__ola wrote, “That’s why it’s good to block them in every way you can. There’s just something about these exes that I can’t explain 🥲”

@djtoovalid wrote, “The question is if your exes are that good why did you leave em🤔?”

@jefflove_ wrote, “Sometimes exes dey sweet o thinking about the fun memories and how she handle you that night Omo u can’t blamed them 😂”

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