Basketmouth, Timi Dakolo, Reminisce and Torrian Ball Lyrics

Get ready to explore the profound lyrics of Chasing Dreams, the closing track on Basketmouth‘s new EP, Uburu, featuring the incredible voices of Timi Dakolo, Reminisce, and Torrian Ball. These lyrics take you on a journey through the pursuit of aspirations and ambitions, offering a reflective and inspiring message that resonates with listeners.

Basketmouth, Timi Dakolo, Reminisce & Torrian Ball – Chasing Dreams Lyrics

If you wondering how we got here
Spending money and we no care
We gave up flexing for a few years
Chasing dreams, creative minds
Alaye, this, this is here
If you wondering how we got here
Spending monies and with no care
We gave up flexing for a few years
Chasing dreams creative minds
Baby, this is, how we got here




Sitting in the AMG looking at my phone
In disbelief a million people listen to my son
I’m from the streets
Everything I got was on my own
If you don’t hustle, you don’t eat It’s all I’ve ever known
Born in the States where we get raised in the broken homes
Now you can’t get inside my building unless you know the code
GPS don’t even work
You got to know the road
Who else you know that made it out and never sold a soul
Took my losses to the chin
‘Cause I ain’t have a friend
And when I did

They ain’t clap when they see me win
Pac told me my success will be the best revenge
This was my moms late to see me when I bought that Benz
They see the cars, they see the money and the bad chicks,
But they never saw the days when we ain’t have shit
Sleeping in my granny basement on a mattress
She always told me I get rich off of this rap shit
The life I used to live was average
Now I’m living lavish, was moving backwards till I got rid of them
Old habits went from the trap to doing laps around the whole atlas
I’m so savage
I just upgraded the star status

They got gbedu for a few nights
We gave up, flexing for a few years
When you, get there, you go know there
Sleepless nights, Chasing dreams, alaye
This is how I got here

Ye you wonder how I got here from the bottom
Outline my dreams, and I chased them till I got them
Ajile te ni ko da mo gba de ko da mo de monor
Ma ever mumi mo pke mo kala moment man (come on)
Stayed on my grind
Never lost focus fucked the up sticks
The paparazzi shit is bogus
Once you blow up they gon swarm you like locusts
Ti go e ba da, them go convert your beans to locust
I don taste good life, am never letting go
Owu no dey touch my body, just so you know
Sacrifice a few Bentley posed to leave with my kids
So I fit give them descend life, you know what that means
All white no roughuh, roughuh
No scandal
Molopkolo million stars from kobo
Kobo. Lekpa ni ti wado orobo
Yoda omo color
Color flavor
Misi dolo dolo
Oba se lo sasi koro eze guru, guru

We gave up flexing for a few years
Chasing dreams
Creative minds, baby this is how we got here
Baby this is, how it got here

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