An elderly Nigerian man refused to be intimidated and fought it out with a police officer who allegedly assaulted him.

The man is seen clutching on to the police officer’s uniform and vowing to teach him a lesson while continuously questioning what gave him the right to smack him in a video that has gone viral.




Passersby intervened and begged the elderly man to let the officer go, but the embittered man turned deaf ears until other police officers intervened.

The policeman, on the other hand, said he’s not retaliating out of respect for the elderly man.

Watch video below,

In other news, former Big Brother Naija star, Esther Olaoluwa Agunbiade, popularly known as Esther Biade, has revealed the extreme length a male admirer went to get her phone number.

Esther in a video she shared on social media, disclosed that the fan requested for her contact and gave her his phone to input the digits.

However, when she hesitated to give him her personal number, the fan left his phone with her and insisted that she must put her phone number in it before he collects it back.

The reality show star who showed off the man’s phone in the video, stated that she was confused by the situation and didn’t know if she should yield to the man’s request.

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