There was confusion and tension at a sports betting centre when a man collapsed after reportedly losing money.

It was gathered that he took a loan of N200,000, used it to play bet but he sadly lost everything.




A video making the rounds online shows the man passed out on the floor outside a Bet9ja shop as a result of the loss.

In other news A woman who spent money on her boyfriend to ensure he had a good time on his birthday has expressed regrets after he credited his mother for all she did for him.

The woman tweeted: “Y’all I ain’t never been so embarrassed in my life. For this man birthday I paid for his haircut, got him a big bottle of casamigos, and a gift bag with balloons. Why he post on his ig that his mom got him all that stuff ?”

She added: “At the end of the day, my heart and intentions were pure. One day someone will appreciate the things I do for them…”

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