Seyi Vibez and YXNG K.A Lyrics

Love Is War by Seyi Vibez featuring YXNG KA is the fifth and last track on Seyi’s recently released EP, Memory Card, read the most detailed lyrics to ‘Love Is War’ below.

Seyi Vibez & YXNG K.A – Love Is War Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Vibe boy
Don’t tell me you love me when you know you don’t really love me




Verse 1: YXNG K.A
Love left me so sore
They say love is war
I was so unsure
But I don’t need your love no more (I don’t need your love, your love)
Can’t let you break my heart again, can’t let you break my heart again
Can I be yours uh, uh
‘Cause you don’t wanna start with it
And I don’t wanna start again

Chorus: YXNG K.A
I can’t get you off my mind (Baby)
They can’t have you, girl, you’re mine
Girl, I don’t know what I will do without you
I’m in love with everything about you
You will forever be the one that I’ll choose
But if shit ain’t mutual, just let me know and I’ll move

Verse 2: Seyi Vibez
Pop, some smoke
Me and my geez we uncuff
We outside, we don’t joke (We don’t joke)
Back to back on a run
Bae, I will take you down to Africa
Lasgidi capital
Ko ma lo ba mi ja, so, I gast dey service her
Give you good loving every morning
All day, all night, my shawty
Tell me the truth, ma tan mi
Like a new day, you look brand new
Mami I don’t wanna lose you
Baby, baby, you know I gat you
Baby, baby, no one can hurt you
It’s falling apart like it’s Jerry Curl
If you’re on your knees, just lemme know

Chorus: Seyi Vibez & YXNG K.A
I can’t get you off my mind
I like it girl, when you smile
Don’t tell me “You love me” if you know you don’t really love me
I know shits get ugly
But if that time come, don’t run away from me
Baby, baby, you know I love you
Baby, baby, no one above you
Baby, baby, you’re my number one
Not the two, three, or four

Love left me sore
They say love is war

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