A Nigerian Police Officer, Aliyu Giwa, has shared the story of a father who came to the station to report his son for beating him up and locking him out of his house.

Aliyu disclosed that the incident happened some years ago, and it was discovered that the father was cursed for always beating up his own father when he was younger.

Read the full story as shared on Twitter below,

“Let me share a story with you about an incident of a man & his son that transpired few years back.

Just like every other day at the Police station, this man walked into the station and met with the CRO (charge room officer) to lay a complaint.

His complaint was his son beat him up & locked him out of his own house. The house I built! He exclaimed. Before we knew it, he broke down in tears.

When I heard that, I was like “wow”! I had to move close to him while he was still talking to the CRO.After his Complaints and all.

I said to him, Baba how old is this your son? He said 28yrs. I was like what kind of generation is this? This shouldn’t be happening in our generation. But of course I had to calm baba down.

India mic mic (immediately) Policemen swung into action.

Baba’s son was invited and he surprisingly honored the invitation without hesitation. Although, his eyes were red & he was stinking of alcohol.
The son was asked, what transpired between him and his father. His words were:

“My father refused to take care of me after my NYSC & refused to find me a job”

We had to pacify him so we could continue eliciting information from him. All of sudden the father started shouting in ibo dialect but unfortunately I didn’t understand what he was saying.

Omo! Baba just tried to slap his son & said “I blame ur mum”
The guy shouted back at his dad and said the father was lucky they were in the Police station.Omo! I couldn’t believe the whole drama!

Long story short, the son was kept in our custody & baba went back home.

Btw, I didn’t mention that baba had just a wrap tied on him. Lol.

The next day baba’s elder brother came for the son’s bail. I said to Baba’s brother “sir you know what happened?” He said yes!
So why do you want to take his bail or why are u here to be his surety?

He said my son don’t mind his father. Again I was astounded at his response. I then asked why again? In his response he said; “when we were growing up in the 60s his father (who’s my brother) was very stubborn, full of pride & had no regards for his elders.

Although our dad was a drunk after we lost our mum, my brother was in the village with my dad so he could take care of him. We began to receive loads of handwritten letters that my brother was in the habit of beating our dad to stupor & refused to take care of him.

In fact, the worst day of life was the day my brother beat my dad & I, and that was the day the elders in our village cursed him.

Further to the narration, I had to call baba on phone to let him know his elder brother is here to take the bail of his son.

I called baba and the following conversation ensued ;
Me: good day sir
Baba: my son how are u doing? Thanks for yesterday may God not you give that kind of son!
Me: Amin ya’Allah! 🙏
Me: sir, your elder brother is here to take your son’s bail.

Baba: He’s not my son! Will ask his mother if that’s my son!
Subsequently he hung up and all efforts to reach him proved abortive as he refused to pick my calls afterwards.

Fam, that word KARMA is real!!!”

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