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Check out the lyrics for the fourth track, Yenko, on O’Kenneth and Xlimkid joint project, Pain In Glory.

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O’Kenneth & Xlimkid – Yenko Lyrics

Sε wafa woho a duem yεnkɔ
Kee a neke yen Frim kɔ
εbε ne mmerε mu nti ye
yε no bɔtɔ
εda ma kyia
wonim baabia mek)
Asaase enim nti
Wonhu yεn mɔbɔ

Bɔ me kwan na esum ato me
Me Kanea mεsɔ
Atua me Humee bobɔ mepɔ
Nothing can scare no more
Wob3 hu me anadwo sum b3y3 four
On a lonely road I hear them call

They been calling calling calling calling
I’m still keeping on
Na mmoadwene ne s3 mos3e me
Y’all so funny on God
Y’all so funny on God!

I’m sick (ouch)
you can catch my flow
Certified youngn I was waiting now I glow
Yan b3 Tum
amb3 di agorɔ

Well wishing in the back
Of course I blowed
Me kyerε ɔmo sε mahu briibi
Eyi wɔ metirim sε cine
Adeεn Kofi
Me yi

Hye ma tena me dwene
May3 mi gi mii gi
Woho wonsa hohoro
Wo tumi ne bo)fo) bi didi
Ain’t nobody taking my position

We keep flying high we on a mission
Wohu s3 mayeyie aa 3nfreaky out
De3 3te me mu so it’s spreading out (ahahaa )
Walahi we hunting
I’m getting some calls from London
These flights we catching
See y’all soon I’m trapping
Ahaaa aaa ah see y’all soon I’m trapping
See y’all soonnn see y’all soon I’m trapping

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