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Here is the official lyrics to ‘Till The Wheels Fall Off’ by Teeto and Bigfootinyourface, featuring A-Q, read the lyrics and sing along. Till The Wheels Fall Off is the ninth track on Teeto and Bigfootinyourface’s new album, Culture Of Honour.

Culture Of Honour Lyrics

Teeto, Bigfootinyourface & A-Q – Till The Wheels Fall Off Lyrics

Verse 1: Teeto
Ceemos N***a
Till the wheels fall off, that’s what I tell myself
Most n****z from my draft class, victims of mental health
Testosterone contradicts ’em from really getting help
And they stay projecting that negativity on someone else
I’m the author of my fate and God gave me a book deal
Walk in my size 11s and see how these shoes feel
I know as e dey tight me, I’m moving with bruised heels
MAMBA, shooting free throws and walking like who’s real
The apotheosis of a legend, y’all cower in awe
Beyond strength, you need grace to lift the hammer of Thor
Heavy loads on my shoulders that were knighted with swords
To break even, I square up and stay fighting the odds
I’m a Libra, my whole life I’ve been finding balance
To face which side to tip the scales has never been my challenge (uh-uh)
Anxiety steady creeping at me with its talons
I’m the fuel that drives the engine fam, I got it by the gallons (Come on!)
This an elite circle, don’t let these streets jerk you
You are what you think, the words you speak hurt you
I full ground, I smoke green and see purple
You’re on thin lines like suspenders on Steve Urkel
The factory settings of most of you n****z p***y
Try gauge yourself if you thinking of trying to push me
Consider it a sign if your thinking gets stuck
That’s a simply a premonition you’s about to get f****d
And violated, annihilated with this fire sacred
It’s how you take it; your heart is filled with the pride of Jacob
I’m chasing these Goliath visions with the heart of David
Recent trajectory will show you I’m Jehovah’s favorite
You try me, that you win is unlikely
F*** a drip, my n****z rock sweats and Nikes
Y’all overcompensating for a life you can’t afford
Plus I’m gangsta, posting my location is absurd
I’m liberated, f**k your likes and your mentions
It’s deeper than a post, this is Shawshank Redemption
Underneath it all, that’s the tunnel to my freedom
Tryna japa from this b***h while I’m still alive and breathing
That’s facts!

Chorus: Teeto
Take me… far away…. Take me…. Oooooouuu
Take me… far away…. Take me…. oooooouuu

Verse 2: AQ
No thoughts about suicide just suicide doors
Move with a 2 by 4, there’s so much to fight for
Not enough to die for,what you rap for is an eyesore
What you think I rap for, I push a 2020 Rav 4
Don’t talk to me about your upgraded 07 Benz
There’s nothing in your raps that could hold reverence
My circle so small you can’t find the circumference
I’m sure I can circumvent for every damn second spent
What you rappers rapping about these days can’t put it out on mixtapes
EPs looking like EPKs
Trying to show you ingrates something to you could recreate
Cos every time I raised the bar, I did it from a Golden place (ooh!)
I told Teeto this is too hardcore for me
I don’t wanna kill rappers no more, I’m building colonies
I don’t wanna rap about nothing, there’s nothing here for me
You f*****s are fish and chips, I’m building blue chip companies
Every f***ing rapper wanna out do me on a song
Forgetting I f*****d your mother and then spewed you out my loins
My bad, my bad, I know I had a weak pull-out game
That’s why you weaklings are spitting this weak s**t around my name
The sick s**t about these lames, is they can’t fix s**t about the game
They tweet s**t about it but just repeat s**t and sound the same
Can’t do the same s**t and expect different results
That’s why I keep killing you n****z till the wheels fall off
No punches, right now I’m just punching the clock
Time out, y’all acting like you something you’re not
It’s grind time, and if it’s about money then yup
I’m tryna buy company stocks and hell yeah that’s something to watch
Tryna buy your parents houses, cos you ain’t got money enough
Tired of rapping with these rappers that sound like they 40 plus
Their whole f*****g budget plus can’t cover my recording cost
Try to dial my number I cut it and call your bluff
I put a dollar in Bible chapters and tell em in God we trust
Or load in my guts and spit it the guns we burst or
Hold it for a minute replenish and blow your thoughts
I’m the coldest in this business, lyrics be cold as f***
Every delivery is dope, they keep watching my loaded trucks
God’s Engineering I’m filling these hoes with nuts
Put Golden on Goldilocks, if it’s real you know it’s us
What’s up

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