Download  Stefflon Don x BNXN – What’s Poppin’ (Official Music Video) Mp4

Video title: Stefflon Don x BNXN – What’s Poppin’ (Official Music Video)
Views on Youtube: 7488970
Genre: Afrobeats
Duration: 00:03:14
Released Date: 2023-08-11 16:00:42 

Great news,”Stefflon Don x BNXN – What’s Poppin’ (Official Music Video)” is now officially out and available here on for free Mp4 download. The music video transcript and video lyrics is also available here.

After much anticipation, the long awaited music video, “Stefflon Don x BNXN – What’s Poppin’ (Official Music Video)” is finally out.




The music video which was released on 2023-08-11 16:00:42 has already generated 7488970 views on YouTube and is trending in video platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook reels.

Transcript and Lyrics

00:00 oh
00:07 Saturday
00:10 [Music]
00:19 we should just go out we should blow
00:22 something
00:25 it’s like oh what’s popping
00:30 what’s good
00:32 [Music]
00:35 what’s popular
00:43 yes I’m single but I’m not joking cause
00:45 I’m scared you calling me broken even
00:48 when I hesitate stuck in my waist would
00:50 you let me be original controller I said
00:53 that
00:54 [Music]
00:59 Lose Myself
01:01 [Music]
01:16 oh my God you know you do something
01:21 [Music]
01:22 are you single with it are you just
01:24 joking I had a spiff ready for no
01:27 smoking in the room so I said just
01:29 something we should just go out and we
01:31 should close something
01:33 [Music]
01:34 just like oh what’s popping
01:37 I like your voice
01:42 it’s like a spider
01:45 it’s like oh what’s popping
01:49 what’s good what’s happening
01:55 [Music]
01:59 like I did like I said tell me what you
02:03 see when you put your eyes
02:10 [Music]
02:22 something
02:25 [Music]
02:32 like what’s popping
02:34 it’s like oh what’s popping I like your
02:38 voice
02:40 [Music]
02:51 [Music]
03:05 [Music]

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