Beautiful Nubia, also known as Segun Akinlolu, is a Nigerian-born songwriter, music composer, and band leader renowned for his contemporary folk and roots music. His songs, performed with the Roots Renaissance Band, have garnered a dedicated following worldwide.

Beautiful Nubia’s music is deeply rooted in rich folkloric traditions and native wisdom, delivering a universal message that emphasizes the value of life, respect for nature, and the importance of living in peace.




His DJ Mixtape by Myfun Entertainment showcases a blend of Yoruba traditional percussion with modern instrumentation, featuring themes that touch on societal issues, culture, tradition, and environmental consciousness, making his music a powerful form of cultural memory and social commentary.

Best of Beautiful Nubia Mixtape Tracklist

  • Beautiful Nubia – Ogun N’Omo (The Power of Children)
  • Beautiful Nubia – Igi Loju (The Tree in the Eye)
  • Beautiful Nubia – Omo Nla (The Great Child)
  • Beautiful Nubia – Adura (A Prayer)
  • Beautiful Nubia – Agogo (The Bell)
  • Beautiful Nubia – Olodumare (The Supreme Creator)
  • Beautiful Nubia – Iwa Ire (Good Character)
  • Beautiful Nubia – Igi Agbon (The Banyan Tree)
  • Beautiful Nubia – Ejo Mi (My Story)
  • Beautiful Nubia – Adura Fun Ile (A Prayer for Our Country)
  • Beautiful Nubia – Igi N’Eko (The Tree of Knowledge)
  • Beautiful Nubia – Iwe Abalaye (The Book of Life)