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“Friction” is the introductory track from A-Q’s “God’s Engineering 2” album, the song’s lyrics can be found below.


A-Q – Friction Lyrics

Verse 1
I back like I never left, everything went left for once I wasn’t right
GPS said left on a stormy night, now
I’m left with is my last breath on this bloody mic, yeah Funny right
Blood on the leaves but this 3s is something like they left Steph curry’s hands
Shots fired, never miss, left hand been fortified
When I throw this hook, it’s like death on your mother’s side,
Uncles gone, brothers cry
Died in battle and immortalized
All systems go ’cause I authorized
Left pride in my daughters’ eyes, ego on the other side
Wherever life takes me I’d enjoy the ride
Got my mind right and my time right
I reversed the clock 2020 vision is hindsight
Best of luck
Took a step back to move forward see I’m pressed for time
24 hrs. ain’t enough for my progressive mind

Verse 2
To everyone listening, fake fans visiting
To all the rappers I had to discipline, stay glistening
To Hiphop heads whose faith is now flickering
Here’s another one from the greatest, let’s get it in
I’ve seen it all, the rise and the fall to the Headies awards
When I got up on stage and listed ‘‘em all
When iron sharpens iron there’s friction involved
So, when you see us clashing is a definitive cure
For the culture that’s the image from an infinity curve
When Joey Akan tweets he doesn’t speak for the cause
They couldn’t see me win I had their vision restored
Call me anything but broke even my lyrics insured
For every step you take your just revealing the floors (flaws)
Could be progress or mistakes the decision is yours
So, when you press play what are you listening for
The decision is yours

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