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Soft Life Manifestations is the introductory track on Ajebutter22‘s newly released album, Soundtrack To The Good Life, on this track Ajebutter22 recruits Koromone, check out the lyrics to ‘Soft Life Manifestations’ below.

Soundtrack To The Good Life Lyrics

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Ajebutter22 & Koromone – Soft Life Manifestations Lyrics

Let’s begin in first class
La mer sleep mask
Cabin view of the pilot
Burberry blanket for take off
Recline set, hot towels
Smiling hostess with barbie vibes

Kick back and relax
In the blink of an eye
We are in paradise resort
Waving palm trees
It’s giving money, green vibes
We break to soak flight off
And sip welcome tea

Breakfast is something
Light and French
Coffee black no cream
With a little brown sugar on the side
Croissant soft like butter
Avocado slices cut thin like model legs
Pink salmon and poached eggs

Don’t forget the window view of the ocean
Somewhere off on the coast of Spain
On Sundays we brunch in pastel polos
And linen shorts
Champagne flute with strawberries
Drowning in them
Sweet on the tongue
The girls that get it, get it

My bella is better in the summer
We’re black, we don’t tan
But we do brown a little under the sun
Arami glow oil
Selfies in oversize glasses and
Missoni bikinis, private beach houses
Pristine waters, yazzy slides

For the photo up
Foreign men with an accent
That makes you blush
This is a life we could only dream of after hours
Dinner by the sea, 7-course diet
Amuse-bouche, duck tacos
Chicken dumplings, steak soft
Lamp chops medium rare

With some red in the middle
Braised ribs to perfection
Prosecco from Veneto
A sparkling aperitif to stimulate the pallet
Red wine cling cling
Pellegrino by the glass
Dessert yes please
We don’t count calories
When we vacay

We don’t split bill at the table
Mind you manner
We close out when the night caps
Espresso shots, lemon flavored water
Fenty Cookies srub
Satin pillowcase, Egyptian cotton
Tread count astronomical

We don’t bark, we don’t bite
We don’t fuss, we don’t fight
Night, night sweet dreams
See you on the next flight

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