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Check out the full lyrics to “Mogadishu” by A-Q, this song appears as the fifth track on the God’s Engineering 2 album.

God’s Engineering 2 Lyrics

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A-Q – Mogadishu Lyrics

It was a long time (oh yeah)
It was a long time
It was a long time
It was a long time, wrong time
It was a long time (oh yeah)
It was a long time
It was a long time
It was a long time, wrong time

Verse 1
This is literature, trynna to figure out what God made me for
Seen a Levite in Levi’s jeans made in the image of
A Muslim in Christian Dior and as a mediator
I only wear it if the Nike cheques come with a signature
Embarrassing yourself out here rapping in c major
It’s capital intensive and even these singers poor
Takе the autotune out of your mind hear your innеr voice
If you put money over strategy, you’d leave a void
Money can’t buy happiness, poverty will kill your joy
Rich or poor what’s in-between that is your business choice
They say I changed when I got money that shit made giggle
The seeds of success would always grow into the root of evil
What did he do, did business with the Hindus
Gave Jews (Jewels) to the Hebrews, brought music to your hymn books
Where were you when I lived on Indomie noodles
When every Damn record label passed on my credentials
Never smiled much so couldn’t see my dimples
Now every time they call me Young, they looking out for wrinkles
A drop could cause a ripple, a ripple cause a wave
A wave becomes tidal waves, now watch the tsunami hits you
Escaping generational cycles wasn’t an issue
Still I had to watch diabetes rip apart the tissues of my loved ones
Unborn sons pray that shit miss you
Sipping and reminiscing of the coast of Mogadishu
Somalia war torn country 3rd world
Nigeria, I pray that shit miss you
Unborn sons. I pray that shit miss u
Let it go, Let it play
Mehn I’m not trying to live a soft life, I’m trying to go hard all my life
Life is hard, and you got to be hard to get it

Verse 2
I’m not the coolest person that’s a true confession
I’m not out here shaking my ass on the gram to influence nothing
Who’s conserving
Stand up man, listen up schools in session
And we’d be good if you took corrections
Now it’s all wired, I killed cordless for some new connections
Parted ships for new partnerships and I took my blessings
To where I’m appreciated, updated my suit collections
I kept it moving though it took concessions
Got to be technology in heaven is something I told the reverend
If I don’t drive the Rolls Royce here or the BM 7-
Series, and I know that feeling is overrated
Got to slide in something slicker when my soul is elevated
Like look mama I made it
Survived the tribalism in music I had to say it
I don’t celebrate birthdays fuck if I’m aging
I got to keep going until my organs are failing
Until I’m white and Grey and
For every morning glory I go hard until my grave and
For when her water breaks for every child that I’d raising
For all the history made and all the records I have broken
Cos every time I’m in the past the present is left unopened
I’m living in the moment cos the future is provoking
They promoting for the internet babies claiming the woken
It’s funny we still buying all the Balenciaga clothing
They targeting our kids while we social media joking and sending memes
It’s either we stupid or we just coping by any means
Or maybe it’s just God engineering things
Either way I’m focus I’m hoping my late 30 brings
Blessings for eternity, I’m grateful still to everyone and everything that got me here
Glasses up, toast to what the future holds
Cheers to my future self I barely know
For now, I’m on the Telephone like beef is never set in stone
If you ever need anything just let me know. Yo

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