Yemi Alade and Innoss’B Lyrics

Embark on a lyrical fusion of Afro-pop excellence as we delve into the enchanting verses and lyrics of Lipeka by Yemi Alade featuring Congolese singer-songwriter and rapper, Innoss’B. This collaboration unfolds like a rhythmic dance between Yemi Alade’s soulful delivery and the unique flair brought by Innoss’B.

Yemi Alade & Innoss’B – Lipeka Lyrics

Ekoyinda lelo
Je veux pas etre solo
Nako bina nayo
Bongo bakanga ba photos
Like this like this
Like that, like this like this like that
Comme ci comme ci comme ca
Ata ba voisins bake ko funda
Ekosala eloko te
Ata mopepe mvula to ba kake
Ekosala eloko te ooo
Toko lala libanda tongosa
Toko baye ba chicha ooo
To bosani ba soucis
Na sima bilengi to tetuki tetuki
Lipeka peka peka Up and down
Shoulder go up and down

Finally finally ,dem don pay me my salary
Follow me follow me, everybody dey follow me
Lipeka peka up and down
Anytime you hear me the sound
Lipekapeka to the floor
Oya bring it back encore
My confidence dey show
Come take your photo
Agbani like derego
Spray me d money o
Lipekapeka, whether night or day,
Pesin wey work suppose to play,
Pose,take a picture
La fête de moment

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