A Nigerian lawyer has sparked controversy on social media after saying that landlords cannot unilaterally increase the rent of their tenants.

According to @Egi_Nupe_, both the landlord and tenant must agree for the rent to be increased but if the landlord insists on increasing the rent, the tenant should demand for a quit notice.

He further stated that when the duration of the quit notice expires, only a court order can eject the tenant from the property.

“Your landlord cannot unilaterally increase rent, both of you must agree. If he insists, tell him to serve quit notice. After the expiration, only a court order can eject you from the property,” he tweeted.

However, the tweet sparked mixed reactions online as people opine that he’s wrong and landlords can choose to increase rent without consulting the tenant.

Reacting to the controversy, the lawyer wrote,

“It’s the lawyers capping in the comments section for me. Apparently, most of them are those advising their clients-landlords to disregard tenants’ rights. They issue irregular quit notices, advise landlords to resort to self-help and frustrate tenants.

If not, why is it hard to have an understanding with a tenant before increasing the rent? Why do you want to eject a tenant without quit notice or court order? What does it profit you to lord over tenants and abuse their rights cos you own the house? Terrible much!!!!

The message was clear: agree with your landlord on rent increment. If you don’t agree, then do the proper thing. But you are all in the comment section capping and expecting a detailed syllabus on tenancy law.”

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