Show Dem Camp, Folu Storms, and Nsikak David Lyrics

Intro (PW3) is the introductory track for Show Dem Camp‘s “Palm Wine Music Vol 3” album, this one-minute-long track was voiced by Folu Storms and produced by Nsikak David, read the correct lyrics to ‘Intro (PW3)’ below.

Palm Wine Music Vol 3 Lyrics

Show Dem Camp & Folu Storms – Intro (PW3) Lyrics

You’re listening to the sounds of Palm Wine Radio
It’s your girl Folu Storms, checking in real quick
Now through the rest of the show we’re gonna be talking about all things concerning love, relationships
How it makes us, how it breaks us
It’s not easy, it’s not easy being involved in a relationship
It’s not easy loving
But it’s something we all have to go through
And I know when you live in a city like we do, Lagos, Éko for show
It can get real hard
But I want you guys to hold on while you’re out there
Have faith, keep faith
And trust that in the end, everything will be okay

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