Shallipopi and Zlatan Lyrics

Shallipopi collaborates with Zlatan on the remix of his viral song, ELON MUSK, we’ve provided the song’s lyrics below.

Elon Musk Remix Lyrics

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Shallipopi & Zlatan – Elon Musk Lyrics

They call me Shallipopi
All this my southti boys
Ranzi e dey bodey
Durand e dey bodey yanki
Dolapo dey bodey
Elon musk say na Pluto boy ehh
Him na tesla kid
Only one with the Tesla toy ehh

No bitch boy say
No go dey
Funds dey lowkey no go Play
Shallipopi I work all day putomania we fly all day
Inside dah your evian soap
And their Evian dey inside
And their Evian dey inside
And their Evian dey inside
All this Elon musk boys

Para dey body (dem dey vex)
Btc dey body (too much )
Money too choke abeg
1 azul 12 people you no fit be my cartels (for were)
Look at my squad you can tell
If you no see ebi you go see areaway take up from there
All this one’s

Dem, this one’s
This one when you see them make way
Evian dey
Maga dey
So therefore everyday na payday
I say no go put bodey if you no get mind
Unless your mind go dey
You wan chop life you no wan pay price
My guy na there you go dey
All this my southi boys

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