Blueface and Chriseanrock Lyrics

Read the lyrics to ‘Dear Rock’ by Blueface, featuring Chriseanrock. This song was co-produced by Blueface and Young Mackey.

Chriseanrock – Dear Rock Lyrics

Blueface & Chriseanrock – Dear Rock Lyrics




Verse 1: Blueface
Dear Rock
I’m sorry for what I did to yo’ pops, but he hit me first,
So he had that coming ’cause I really been through a lot
And I’ll be damned if I let another nigga take my spot
I’m yo’ daddy now, he can’t change nothing but the top
Baby, we could be superstars
It feel like yesterday, first time we fucked said I was super hard
My lil’ crazy bitch, how you so smart, but you got stupid scars
I know we damaged baby, but if you’ll be mine,
I’ll be yo’ bandage Baby, I’m tired of Thotiana,
I’ll settle down with a stand-up lady
If you want to be family, then have my baby
This my last time writing, sincerely, Blueface baby (Yeah, aight)
Yours truly

Bridge: Chriseanrock
Hey daddy, I was thinking ’bout the same thing
When you had a baby with me, I just couldn’t swallow the pain
‘Cause the love that you had, it wasn’t for me
Now I’m so fucking glad we ready for things (Ready for things)

Verse 2: Blueface
I know the last time I wrote you
I told you it’d be the last time I wrote you, but it’s not
And I know yo’ father ain’t sorry for what he did to me
Or the role he played in that situation, he just sorry he got caught
‘Cause if I was him, and he was me,
I would understand what’s wrong and what’s not
‘Cause if my daughter put her hands on a man,
I would tell her first that she got to stop
‘Cause I won’t hit no women first, but
I’ll hit a bitch back without a thought, damn (Damn)
This shit so cold, yeah
Feel it in my soul, yeah
Bring that bitch back from the top

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