YoungBoy Never Broke Again Lyrics

“Black” is the lead single from I Rest My Case, YoungBoy Never Broke Again‘s fifth studio album, read the lyrics to ‘Black’ below.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again

YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Black Lyrics




Hm, hm, hm, mm
Pull up, G-Wagon, huh, mm
Different, mm (They hoes)
Uh, hey, yeah, uh-huh (These niggas, they hoes)
We don’t fuck with these niggas, they hoes (What?)
Fire, bitch, gang, uh, uh, uh (We don’t fuck with these niggas, they hoes)
Mm, mm (I don’t fuck with these niggas, they hoes)

Who the fuck is lil’ shawty? (Fuck is lil’ shawty?)
Where the fuck is yo’ nigga? Huh (Fuck is yo’ nigga?)
How you get to this party?
Don’t bring Backwoods, I like Swishers
I gotta Draco in the sack, nigga, shoot the car, tryna knock out the engine (Boom, baow, baow)
I keep this shit kicking on top of my pendant (Yeah)
Dirty rod in my pouch, gotta know I ain’t slipping (Yeah, go)
Black, hm, hm, I want everything black, huh (Black)
Want everything black (Black), huh, I’m buying everything black, huh (Black)
I want that ass fat (Ass fat), my Range Rover black, huh (Black)
I want a whole ‘nother bag, huh (Bag)
I want a hundred-round Gat, huh (Hundred-round Gat)
And I want lil’ shawty, she bad, huh (Bad)
I wanna beat in her back (Beat in her back)
And I wanna kill all my opps (Kill all my opps), dead, ain’t coming back
I wanna hit her if she thick (Woo)
I wanna keep this shit on track (Keep this shit on track)
And I went bought like thirty Rollies like a nigga Ric Flair (Yeah, yeah, like a nigga Ric Flair)
Wait, hm, like a nigga Ric Flair, mm (Ah)
And I want damn near thirty Rollies like a nigga Ric Flair
Ha, haha, like a nigga Ric Flair, ha (You already know)
And I’m so high, might fly a bitch out for to dye my hair (Uh)
These rappers be talking that shit and they broke
And they know for a fact I make slimes pull up
They be stealing the swag so we fucking they ho’
Pick her up, hit the bitch in the back of my truck (Uh)
I don’t care, all this money not here for the show
Let her ride me on top while I sit in the chair
I be fiending, bitch, I be taking these pills
I could pull her shit off ’cause I paid for the hair
Different, mm-ah
I don’t fuck with these niggas, they hoes
We don’t fuck with these niggas, they hoes (Uh-uh)
Why you think we be fucking they hoes? (Know I’m rich)
Tell ’em that our bitches fire (Rich, rich, rich, rich)
How you think that I pay for that Rolls? (That Rolls)
I just crept up from the paint, huh
You know that I brought my bros

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