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Woke is a new single dropped by Ice Prince, and the lyrics have been provided below. Check it out.

Ice Prince – Woke Lyrics

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
TFT in the building
I feel like I woke up in Brazil
I can’t even tell you how I feel
I feel like I woke up in LA
‘Cause ma nigga we don’t play, we ok
Ah woke up a beast

Nigerian gangsta mehn it’s time for me to eat
The ladies love to Spotify me on repeat
I got Versace shades and Louis on ma feet
Don’t mean to brag but I see haters underneath
I’m so sick like 70 beats down in a week
I get da green I keep it pumping on da beat (pon pon)
They know ma name they know ma records on the streets
Ah keep it g ah keep it flyer than a witch (wizard of oz)

Look at the squad look at the cartel I keep
You know am old school and ma gang gang go deep
My Lebanese friends always smoking on hashish
I feel like I woke up in Paris
Gimme a break (ma nigga)
Gimme a break (ma nigga)
Gimme a break (ma nigga)
Gimme a break
Bounce on a nigga twice, bounce on it, bounce on ma nigga

I feel like I woke up in Abuja, I’m smoking buddah
You know I had to call a jeweler to cop a cooler
And all ma nigga brought a ruger from south Kaduna
Blah blah
That’s a lighter, it’s not the shooter
I feel like I brought a hurricane (cane cane cane)
You know that I can’t even explain (stop playing playing)
Walked in and they sipping on champagne
Ma blood, ma tears, ma pain (stop playing)

I woke up in beast mode, I got this fake nigga cheat code
Is why I throw it in the air just like a free throw
Bang bang choo girl I’m major like Diplo
I’m still a fat nigga but my diet on keto
You know ma nigga throwing money on the floor
Got the women throwing kisses when we ran thru the door
And I just wanna be rich in a mansion with the gold
I don’t give a fuck if niggas wanna play me for a joke
Bend over
Push it and bend over
Nigga riding for you then just get him a Land Rover uhn
Ah got bars ma bars don ran over
East to west, north to the south, the Sardauna
Sardauna wanchan guy sardaunan Sokoto

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