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Embark on a lyrical voyage as we unveil the complete lyrics of West Africa Time by A-Reece featuring M.anifest. This track combines the lyrical talents of two artists to create a captivating musical narrative.

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A-Reece & M.anifest – West Africa Time Lyrics




Woke up in the plane, we just landed somewhere above the equator
I’m smoking triple-A, balling
Hitting triple-doubles every game
Bearing the fruits of my labour
I gotta say, it got me feeling like Carlito, I could spit an apple in your face
Numbers doing far better than they projected

Labels use my work as point of reference when I drop a record
Keepin’ up with me just got ’em looking desperate
Keep my emotions and the business separate when it’s time for dealing with the unexpected
No need to be ducking the pressure
No I am not that nigga Rivera, but I’m with it whenever, wherever
Took a lot of effort to hold it together
I know they wanted it severed, broken in pieces gone with the wind, and forgotten forever

But don’t forget I just made you remember
Here to continue the legacy of the dream-like
Members only in the mecca of winners
Only nigga realer than me is the one in the mirror
It should be obvious, we not some beginners
I think it’s obvious I’m up against quitters, liars, pretenders
It’s getting old, I’m growing tired of you niggas
I bet somebody hired you niggas
Starting to feel like it’s a curse that I inspired you niggas

I know this lifestyle inspired your writtens
You ain’t a tough guy, retire that image
Really a master at this shit, just admit it
Really a hazard going ape like Gibbons
Really had it, lost it all then got it back like I didn’t, yeah
Focus on the love and abandon the hate
Diamonds in my ears dancing, looking like Kida The Great
One of the best to ever do it, it’s not a debate
Never thought I’d live to see the people admire the fake (Never, yeah)
Niggas going live, start doing the most
End up playing pass in real life when us niggas approach (For real, yeah)
Shit is deep, you either sink or float (For real)
And if you didn’t know then now you know

Okay, this be my cue)
Charlie, one minute
I’m a solid dude that’s been in solitude for many centuries
They don’t know where I’m at, but they mention me
Tension me, never
I’m quite clever with these villainous quotes
The Kobe approach, I ate them with that 2-4 jersey, the boy too certi’
I choose violence, I’m cersei
My skin tone Stormzy
But the train of thought is not merky, you heard me?
I kiss my teeth and speak my piece

Too many Visa’s in this passport for me to be on a leash
I never came to appease my nigga
I’m on a beach, at peace
It’s Seychelles where the sea shells whiter than teeth, kapeesh
The fashion and passion
Words are inadequate, that’s why I’m postin’ pictures, no caption, I’m watching anime
Venture capital this rapping shit
R&B Greezy, Chris Breezy couldn’t catch my drift

Articulate, immaculate
Go against the god at a sacrilege
Get you a coconut smile and paint with acrylic, uh
Indulging in Holy water
Been stamped across many borders
The king’s daughter’s rigidus
The presence are giving orders
Topsy-Turvy the
We pleasant in many quarters
But if you ever do courses you wish our parents aborted
And I keep rising on the Dow Jones

Wall street of Sweden, these mans they know my stock homes
And back home, I’m known as the God MC, the stand-up for longevity
My clarity is legendary, my speciality is weaponry
Notable for quotables
I used to raise these boys to men, jagaban, badaddan
A-Reece my next of king
I stood next to kings, the god now
So when you skeptical and in doubt, praise the Lord now, ASAP

Jozi lights, Accra nights, keep shining bright
Bless up

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