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Iyanya – Strong Lyrics

Weird One Va′,
Tryna slow down time
Hanging by a line Keep my soul alive
My peace my divine




Just wan dey alright
Sip a cup of wine
Just to clear my mind
Feeling satisfied
Nobody knows if I’m crying
They won′t see my tears
When they think I’m smiling
I wish that you are here
To hold me strong I’m falling off so easy

Hold me strong
I′m tryna fight my weakness
Scared of what is in front of me
Many things bother me I pray for my enemies
Finding my sanity
Shining brighter

Painful they think that I′m strong
When they told me it won’t hurt
Wonder if they think I′ve won
‘Cause only you fit take me off
Take me off my sorrows
Take me off sorrows
Take me off my sorrows
‘Cause I’d be needing you
To hold me strong I′m falling off so easy
Hold me strong I’m tryna fight my weakness

Hold me strong
I′m falling off so easy
Strong I’m tryna fight my weakness

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