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Dive into the lyrical brilliance of Shine Forever by Blaqbonez, where his verses narrate an interesting story of resilience and ambition.

Blaqbonez – Shine Forever Lyrics

Yeah, I tell her me I just dey start
Omo ologo shinning forever
If you really know the story
You go know I deserve am
All my mixtapes fit to fill up alaba
Me I no get wahala I dey for my zone
One guarantee say the gbedu go dey
Lyrically I dey burst their brain
(They know say substance dey)
Always got shit to say
Full analyse
The whole world before my eyes
I dey strategize
Cause if you jonze now them go slide
Me back to the back of thе line
Cause the monеy no fit buy sense
A lame ass boy still a lame ass boy regardless
But the real ones know I wasn’t going no where
I’m here, them know my flow is unfair
Run through the city like the …




Life is a marathon
You dey hot now I go wait my turn
All day chasing funds
Make them no ask me where I’ve gone
Life ain’t bout the first
It’s about who go be here for long
It’s a long game long game
It’s a long game long game


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