J-Hope and Jung Kook Lyrics

Read the English translated lyrics for I Wonder by J-Hope, featuring fellow BTS member, Jung Kook.

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J-Hope & Jung Kook – I Wonder Lyrics

Intro: J-Hope
I wonder everything about us

Verse: J-Hope
Tell me what we do
I wonder what we’ll be like
I don’t know what it’ll look like
And how we be living our lives
In the face of the darkness of time
On the same map
I’m so curious
(I wonder everything about us)
Even when I encounter the twilight at the end of life
Face each other without expectation, love that yours
There’s no fixed answer
As much as I lived fiercely
I passionately and confidently confess my ignorance
Drawing a perfect, you and I
Because our colors are clear
So I wonder, and I wanna

Pre-Chorus: Jung Kook
And I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder where we’ll go
(Where we’ll go)
‘Cause I wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna keep you close
(Keep you close)
There’s a hundred million maybes but I gotta know
(Gotta know)
We could keep it alive for life

Chorus: Jung Kook
This love, right now
It’s all we got, all we need
We’re happy right now
So why don’t we ride this feeling?
Just dance right now
But don’t you stop looking forward
Just enjoy it, this love
We can keep forever falling

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