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Delve into the evocative English translation of Good Bones by Le Sserafim. As a poignant track within Le Sserafim’s repertoire, Good Bones offers a profound glimpse into the essence of the human experience. Positioned within the artist’s latest album, this song delves deep into themes of resilience, introspection, and the enduring strength found within.

Le Sserafim – Good Bones Lyrics

Verse 1: All
Are you upset that I seized another opportunity?
Are you mad that only I get lucky all the time?
Do you think the world is going easy only on us?
You think it’s okay to degrade someone
Just because they’re true to themselves?
Are you saying that lucky people deserve to get run down?
Then, I’ll let you in on a little secret

Verse 2
The world is fair – it’s ugly to everybody
We’re all gonna die evеntually
And half of our life will be in pain
The othеr half depends on what we do

Verse 3
I realized this all too soon
The pain of facing that truth
Behind the extinguished stage
All the shadows of the world engulf me
Inferiority, ranking, grades
The words you casually spit out
Continuous proof
So what meaning does all of this have?

Chorus: All
Easy, crazy, hot, I can make it
Easy, crazy, hot, I can make it

Verse 4: Huh Yunjin, Kazuha & Kim Chaewon
Despite it all, my ambition and aspirations are unstoppable
An immeasurable future
Am I the only one finding it hard, aren’t you?
Still, I won’t sink

Verse 5
I’ll struggle relentlessly
I’ll create small waves
When things aren’t easy, I will make them easy
I believe in you, who held my hand
Even in ugliness, there’s beauty
Because you and I, we have good bones
Seeing the truth
Instead of the misconception that I easily succeeded
Because I’ve made it look easy

Chorus: All
Easy, crazy, hot, I can make it
Easy, crazy, hot, I can make it
Easy, crazy, hot, I can make it
Easy, crazy, hot, I can make it

‘Good Bones’ Lyric Contributors

Olufunke Taiwo, Funmilayo Kanmodi, Utere Naomi, Peter Okhide, Elizabeth Clifford, Idris Adeleye, Buzi Brown, Nikki Laoye, Oluwafemi Adebanjo, Tobiloba Akinsete, Oluseyifunmi Akinrinmade, Bamise Oyetayo, Ovie O.

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