Download  CKay – Hallelujah feat. Blaqbonez [Official Music Video] Mp4

Video title: CKay – Hallelujah feat. Blaqbonez [Official Music Video]
Views on Youtube: 5227962
Genre: Afrobeats
Duration: 00:02:34
Released Date: 2023-07-26 12:00:11 

Good news! “CKay – Hallelujah feat. Blaqbonez [Official Music Video]” is now officially out and available here on for free Mp4 download. The music video transcript and video lyrics is also available here.

The music video which was released on 2023-07-26 12:00:11 has already generated 5227962 views on YouTube and is trending in video platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook reels.

Transcript and Lyrics

00:00 Woah
00:06 Good morning Sir
00:08 You know what?
00:10 When i grow up, i am going to buy this car
00:12 Yea, me too
00:31 I just wanna make love and money Walahi suffer suffer life is not for me
00:40 See me I come from nothing See me I come from trenches
00:44 Nothing dey my aza for 14 days And nobody feel my pain uh huh
00:52 I will never be the same uh huh I was a different case uh huh
00:56 When dem look my side dem dey say ah ah Nobody pass the almighty
01:01 Nobody fit follow me fight My face show my shoe shine (my shoe shine, my shoe shine)
01:07 Hallelujah I’m getting mula Inside cooler
01:13 cooler eating suya Hallelujah
01:17 Living la vida loca Owo wole
01:23 I be on the road all day I’m chasing mula Fire dey my mouth like azula Turn a magic beat into suya
01:32 I been hot for like 4 years, and they wonder if I’m done yet People be like rice for my concert
01:37 Welcome welcome the new converts In a whip wey dey convert
01:42 Buju say he wan race me tell am we go do am unfailingly
01:45 CKay bought a AMG So its 3 bad boys with V8 engines
01:50 U no go be si me U want to lose bet against me
01:54 We flexing Till eternity
01:58 Hallelujah I’m getting mula Inside cooler
02:05 Cooler eating suya Hallelujah
02:09 iving vida loca Owo wole

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