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Video title: Blaqbonez – Breaking The Yoke Of Love (Official Theme Song) Feat. Chike and Raybekah
Views on Youtube: 1120760
Genre: Afrobeats
Duration: 00:03:13
Released Date: 2023-02-03 00:00:09 

Good news! “Blaqbonez – Breaking The Yoke Of Love (Official Theme Song) Feat. Chike and Raybekah” is now officially out and available here on for free Mp4 download. The music video transcript and video lyrics is also available here.

The music video which was released on 2023-02-03 00:00:09 has already generated 1120760 views on YouTube and is trending in video platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook reels.

Transcript and Lyrics

00:02 sometimes love is me
00:05 sometimes life is peace
00:08 but these days
00:22 but these days
00:31 sometimes love is joy
00:35 sometimes love is peace but this days
01:03 Cinderella Beauty and the
01:07 Beast all they made me believe life
01:09 ain’t no fact your life ain’t no Adam
01:11 and Eve
01:15 is for you that’s stupid as me in
01:18 the whole planet of seven billion people
01:20 somebody told me that one is enough
01:22 that’s crazy everywhere that I turn I’m
01:24 looking at betties I’m looking at names
01:34 your eyes my that’s always gonna
01:36 be an ass that’s fatter that’s always
01:37 gonna be a waste that’s Slimmer that’s
01:39 always gonna be a cheek death okay you
01:42 love yours that’s cool but she she’s
01:44 still gonna talk to her ex you know it
01:46 when she go out and address to somebody
01:48 out of that store more Stacks you think
01:50 you think you’re the only one she said
01:52 in streaks too sweaty too much allowed
01:54 to save you all my life when I see so
01:56 much evil if they tell you the truth to
01:58 go with you like what they would say
02:00 they will reap so we break it in yoga we
02:02 breaking we breaking we breaking we
02:04 break
02:12 thank you
02:40 [Music]
03:00 foreign

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