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Video title: Ayra Starr – Commas (Lyric Video)
Views on Youtube: 2718739
Genre: Afrobeats
Duration: 00:02:37
Released Date: 2024-02-02 00:01:13 

Good news!,”Ayra Starr – Commas (Lyric Video)” is now officially out and available here on for free Mp4 download. The music video transcript and video lyrics is also available here.

After much anticipation, the long awaited music video, “Ayra Starr – Commas (Lyric Video)” is finally out.




The music video which was released on 2024-02-02 00:01:13 has already generated 2718739 views on YouTube and is trending in video platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook reels.

Transcript and Lyrics

00:00 [Music]
00:05 initiating rage
00:06 [Music]
00:19 process now which kind life way I never
00:22 see I carry God so I fear nothing that
00:25 the increase in
00:28 the
00:30 [Music]
00:32 orig for your
00:34 memory win or
00:37 summer going to living life see my fire
00:41 burning bright within day inside me way
00:46 might never know
00:48 I check and balance everything inside my
00:52 mind daily TR me you can’t for me and I
00:58 boy friendly and un conscious I’m
01:01 allergic to so I’m not ready for
01:05 confusion telling me make I
01:07 showability
01:09 [Music]
01:11 everything connection I’m not ready for
01:15 confusion things happen inside life TR
01:19 to make I live my life dreams come true
01:22 if not fight by if I make you know go
01:26 fire they go fire they go oh you need to
01:30 put your body and soul leave your
01:33 worries
01:35 alone living life see my fire burning
01:39 bright within inside me way might never
01:45 know I find check and balance everything
01:49 inside my mind daily trust me you can’t
01:53 me and I love more friendly and
01:57 conscious I’m allergic to
02:00 [Music]
02:01 I’m not ready for confusion tell me make
02:05 iability
02:06 [Music]
02:08 every connection I’m not ready for
02:12 [Music]
02:16 confusion see I got
02:23 [Music]
02:27 icre London
02:30 increas in
02:31 [Music]
02:35 the

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